Welcome to the new KNIME forum

Welcome to the new KNIME forum!

We’re happy to bring this new forum to you, which has some great features and functionalities. Where possible, posts from the previous forum have all been migrated here. They may however, be categorized a bit differently so take your time to have a look around and familiarize yourself with everything.

If you have any feedback or run into any problems or issues, please let us know here.

Enjoy the new forum!


Thumbs up, very nice!! Discourse – my favorite forum software <3

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Thanks for the upgraded forum software!

Do you have any advice for best practices?

One in particular I’m looking for is how do we upload workflows? I have been unable to figure out how to attach workflow files in the new software – it only lets me upload images in the editor.


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Hi @YetAnotherKnimeUser,

Many thanks for the feedback. I’ve enabled knwf, knar and zip uploads. You should be able to upload workflows now.

Please let me know if you still run into problems, then I need to double-check the settings again.


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Looks a lot nicer on the screen. One thought though is that there are many posts in the forum with links to other posts (e.g. this one - error in loop, which in turn has a link to http://tech.knime.org/forum/indigo/error-in-loop). I cant find a good example now that I am looking for one, but in many cases the link is to another post where the problem was solved - but all those links are now broken. Perhaps a KNIME workflow to work through the forum and fix them all?


Hi @s.roughley
We tried hard to have non broken links during the migration. I was searching for some as well and couldn’t find an example either. If you stumble over broken links, please let us know. We’re happy to fix them.



Thanks - I now cannot find any - maybe I just dropped into the old forum somewhere. If I do find some I will let you know.

Now, another question - how do I log on to the forum as a different user? If I log out and then click log-on again, I just go straight back to the same user!


I like the new forum!

Apparently I’ve been rather bad a spotting replies to threads I’ve posted in.

Hi Steve, you have to log out from the website and the forum at the moment. We’ll make sure this is easier in the future.

Thank you, @christian.dietz! Uploads of workflows are working perfectly now.


Another forum comment - when I click the ‘New’ subset, the list is dominated by the ‘last visit’, with only at most one or two from the ‘New’ set, even though there are more in that category - e.g.

I’ve looked, and cant find a setting to change this - maybe the '‘Last visit’ set could be another tab?

Hi Steve,

I’m not sure if I understand your request. In Discourse (the forum software we use) all topics which are new are displayed in “New”. There is just an additional line to indicate your last visit.



Sorry @christian.dietz - my mistake - the answer became obvious later.

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