WFS Connector Node no longer working - deprecated?

Hi everyone,
I’d need to get geo data from these WFS sources:
Geoportale Nazionale Italia

I tried with the WFS Connector Node ( included in Geospatial Operations ) but I believe it’s no longer working…

Links are working well if I add them as a map in QGIS.
Saving data in shape file is readable with Spatial Processing node… but it means to get and save everything offline…
I tried to get/link data in other ways but my be I’m missing some skills …

Any suggestions/help??

Thanks a lot!

( I’m working on KNIME 4.4.1 on macOS 11.5.2 - this new version finally is working fine! )

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Hi @stefanomosca,

I think you are referring to this node: WFS connector — NodePit. It says that it has been last updated on Sept 21st 2021.

Unfortunately this node is developed by a third party and is neither a KNIME native node nor a community/partner node. As such, we do not have control over it.



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