what can i predict with few parameters

Good morning,
I’m trying to work on the time series in this period and I found this file in my hand:

IOT-temp.zip (383.5 KB)

which contains temperature readings (in and out) of an office, taken at random intervals.
My question is: with these few data it is possible to predict, for example, the outside temperature?
So far I have only used the autoregressive method, filtering only the input values, and I predicted temperature. He makes a prediction, but how? Use a linear combination, but what is it based on?


Hi there @accat,

seems this is related to same problem you started in another topic:

If so I will close this one and continue discussion in original one, ok?


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Yes, it’s the same.

Hi @accat,

tnx for confirmation. So closing this one. Hope someone will jump on original and assist you.