What format does my input need to be for the Bayesian Learner

I'm trying to work with the Bayesian Learner and can't get it working.

I suspect it is the format of the data.

Currently the data is in an Excel sheet. 1 column is the ID (string), another one is the class. This was 0/1 (binary but identified as I) but this didn't allow it to be used as classifier. So I changed it to yes/no (string).

The remaining columns are fingerprint bits (0/1, I) as well.

Trying the Fingerprint Bayesian Learner complains that I don't have a Fingerprint vector.

So all seems to be formatting issues of my input data but I can't locate any information in the help how to format my data / what information is allowed / what is ignored.


The Fingerprint Bayesian Learner requires to have Bitvector cells which can for example be created using the Bitvector Generator node, check the Numeric option to use all your numeric 0/1 columns to create the bit vector cell.