What happened to the "Node Guide?"

I’m new to developing in KNIME, and I’m trying to create nodes for my team. I became stuck when I had to select my “Node Type” for the new table generator node extension I’m trying to create.

There was a “Node Guide” post that provided old and inaccurate links to a guide on the different nodes, and I was really hoping to learn about the types there, but the post was from 2016, and I have found nothing more recent than that on the topic.

I can’t find any documentation on the 10 different standard node types listed as options. The example “numberformatter” directs us to use the “Manipulator” type, but offers no explanation on we can determine what node type would be appropriate for our applications.

I am forced to my own devices, and plan to build a blog post on my findings for this matter, but if someone already has something similar, that would save me a bunch of time!


Hi @BoringBryan do you maybe have this old link? I can than search if I find it somewhere?

In addition, this I found in the Python Developer Documentation Create a New Python based KNIME Extension (The node types are the same for java and python based.)

  • node_type: the type of the node, one of:

    • knext.NodeType.MANIPULATOR: a node that manipulates data.
    • knext.NodeType.LEARNER: a node learning a model that is typically consumed by a PREDICTOR.
    • knext.NodeType.PREDICTOR: a node that predicts something typically using a model provided by a LEARNER.
    • knext.NodeType.SOURCE: a node producing data.
    • knext.NodeType.SINK: a node consuming data.
    • knext.NodeType.VISUALIZER: a node that visualizes data.

But we also have a Java Based Documentation:Create a New Java based KNIME Extension