What input Node to use if I need a "Year" input

I have started to use Knime and am still in the self training process. I have a requirement of entering the "Year" as input for one of my customers. These are the node I have tried and why they do not capture my requirement completely.

1.) Integer Input - This is by far the best for my requirement. I can set the MAX & MIN Values. I can set the default value for the current year and people can type in the previous year value if they need.
The node, however, it adds a "," once the value is entered. Wonder if there is any way to supress that.

2.) Date Input - This accepts the complete date not just the year.

3.) Value Selection - Here I will need to add the year in the input table every year. If I start to add years in the future, it obviously does not look good.

Appreciate any recommendation in this regard.

I would probably simply use a String input and use a regex for validating whether the given data is valid.

Use option 1 and convert string to date before use.