What is the best way to run Workflows serially on Knime Server for optimal CPU utilization?

Hi, I have many workflows to run on Knime Server and I want them to be scheduled and executed executed sequentially to optimize CPU usage. What is best practice for this?


Hi @ae_fd

I would schedule an orchestration workflow to do this.
I do this as well. I have around 10-15 workflows and they all need to run once a day, they randomly fail because databases are down or something similiar. And for me it is not very important if they run at 2am or 4am, they just need to run once a day. So I kick off this workflow at the end of day with the scheduler. For me this is 12pm, this is when our US Team stops working.

One more comment: Here you have to define a list of workflow to be executed. However you can also get this from the KNIME Server REST API. So you can set this up to really track a folder and execute all in the folder once a day.


This is awesome @Iris, thank you so much!