What is the name of the variable of columns from the “Columns filter” out (in R) with KNIME ?

Hi everybody!

I have this workflow :


I choose my columns filter and I have this in out :


I would like to choose the columns Day and Temperature only but i don't what is the variable. 

I know for having the data of out of Column filter, it's 


But I would like to choose the columns to manipulate them

Thank you for your answer  

Hi Rob,

sorry but I don't understand your question... 

What are you trying to achieve?

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

Sorry for the inunderstanding of my subject, I will be more simple. 

In fact, I would like to recup the value of the columns Day and Temperature. For have a plot with The day column as X axis and Temperature for the Y axis. 

But I have Row Id at the place of the day as below :


This is my code in R plot:?

  # Library
  Rserve(args = "--vanilla")
    # Data column filter from CSV file imported  Test <- kIn
      #Background color  qcc.options(bg.margin = "white", bg.figure = "gray95")
    #Xbar graph (means of a continuous process variable)  qcc(
      data = Test,
      type = "xbar",
      sizes = 5,
      title = "Sample X-bar Chart Title",
 # Replacement title
      digits = 2,
 # Limit the signifciant figures
      plot = TRUE)  

Thank you for your helps