What is the principle of work space node recommendation?

What is the principle of work space node recommendation? I think the source code says that it is based on the frequency of use, but I tested it. I created a new workflow and connected a new node with a node. However, I didn’t find the recommended new node in work caoch.

HI @zaj -

The idea behind the Workflow Coach is that it provides a guide for new users - people who know what it is they want to do, but may not yet know the name of the node that does what they need. By default, the Workflow Coach is based on opt-in, anonymized user statistics that we collect.

That said, if you want to customize it based on your own workspace or KNIME Server, you can. Check out our documentation about that.


Thank you very much for your reply. I would like to ask again if there is a detailed document about the principle of node recommendation

I don’t know about documentation @zaj but I think the recommendations are based on which other nodes are most frequently used after the currently selected node, based on the community as a whole, so on that basis I wouldn’t expect your individual usage to make much of an impact on the recommendations it gives you.

I think the principle of how it works is relatively simple… (I’m guessing here, but I think my assumptions are probably reasonable)… For users who opt in, it collects the sequence with which they connect nodes. If after adding a Joiner, it records that 90% of cases this is followed by a Row Filter, then after adding a Joiner to your workflow it is going to suggest your most likely next node (based on what other users generally go on to do) is a Row Filter…

Unless you need to know the in depth detail of exactly how it records and collates those figures, I’d suggest that’s pretty much all there is to it.

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Hi @zaj

I just tried it, and for me this seem to work just fine. I made a workflow /Excel Reader followed by /Duplicate Row Filter . And after recalculating the stats the /Duplicate Row Filter was part of my suggestions.

Which steps did you made?

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have found my problem. I have created a new process to test whether my newly connected nodes appear in workflow coach, but I forget to save the workflow every time, so every time I update, no newly connected nodes appear in the recommended nodes. This is my negligence and gives you trouble.


Great we fixed this! :slight_smile:

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