What is the pros and cons of putting large data set in Knime?

Planning to store a database in Knime and maintain it thank you!

hello @seanmanzanilla,

what do you mean with “store a database in Knime”? are you planning some ETL processing?

well, if you are using a server too, you are able to schedule your etl workflows
it’s easy to set up a process without deeper knowledge of scripting/programming language like python
workflows are easy to understand



@seanmanzanilla like @sven-abx said it would be good to know more about what you want to do.

In general I would say a database would best be stored in a (well) database and KNIME is the perfect tool to run analysis on it and handle data inbetween. KNIME does support all kinds of databases.

Additional questions would be will the DB ‘live’ on your machine or on a server and how will you do access and backup. Two easy databases are SQLIte and H2 which would just be a single file on a computer.

You can read more about KNIME and databases here: