What is the source of the Linear Regression Learner in Knime?

Is it RushAnalytics linear regression learner?


Why is it not more apparrent who / what is the originator or contributor?


Hi pfields,

if there is no more information in the node description (like it is in the case of this node), the node is written by one of our developers. You can see the name in the source code.

You can see the code using the KNIME SDK, here is a description how you can access the source code.


Best regards, Iris

Have you checked the bottom of the node description? The KNIME version tells (same for other extensions within KNIME):

This node is contained in KNIME Core provided by KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany.

(Though it is also possible you are referring to an other implementation, I guess RushAnalitics does not provide this information in their online help.)

Thanks very much!

Gotcha - that helps.