What node in Rapidminer 3 replaced the Rapidminer 2 Standard Named Entity Node?

What node in Rapidminer 3 replaced the Rapidminer 2 Standard Named Entity Node? I've tried the tag filter ad it doesn't work.

Wrong forum? 

(But the KNIME Analytics Plattform offers the named entity tagger in our text processing extension)

Its marked 'deprecated' in v. 3.1.1 and I can't fid it in the node list.

Maybe this is just a missunderstanding.

Your question refers to RapidMiner? But you did post this in the KNIME forum? 

Very sorry. I meant KNIME. The problem is as I stated.

Dear Rfeigel,

could it be that you also meant another node instead of the Standard Named Entity node?

If you mean the filtering node which was named General Named Entity Filter, this node is in 3.X named Tag Filter node. That nodes filters terms based on assigned tags.

If you mean a tagger node maybe it is OpenNLP NE tagger that you are looking for.

Cheers, Kilian

Thanks for the reply. I used the Standard Named Entity node in V.2. It worked perfectly. When I moved the workflow to V.3, the Standard Named Entity node was marked 'deprecated', although the workflow still runs properly. I tried replacing it with the Tag Filter node, but it does not recognizing the tagging. It simply passes all the documents through.

Nodes can be outdated and replaced by newer versions from time to time. However, old nodes will be always available (tagged as deprecated) to guarantee backwards compatibility. The Tag Filter node filters terms in the documents. All documents will of course be passed to the output table but the terms will be filtered internally. The tag type and value based on which will be filtered can be set in the dialog. To check which terms remain in the documents you can e.g. create a bag of words.

Cheers, Kilian