What node to map existing datas inter-connections settings ?


I wonder what functionalities ETL and data analyses tools have that allow to display the mapping of pre-defined inter-connections in contacts datas.

In my case, some profiles/companies are attached to a list or a group; or have required the addition of complementary notes in a sub-module, etc… I expect to have these inter-connections still implemented once loaded in the new CRM database.

    Does KNIME have nodes that allows to map, edit and transform these inter-connections ?

What best match with this purpose (as a preparation of data migration) ?
• connection to source database
• file import (csv, sql, or xml) ?

Should such job be done (or not) to insure that these inter-connections will remains once the migration to the new database would have been executed ?

Please help, or let me know if something is not clear enough in this post !


Hi there!

sry for a delay on this one. Seems it slipped somehow…

If I got it right you are/were migrating your CRM database. I will try to answer questions which I think I understand and know answers to :slight_smile:

Not that I know of although not sure what inter-connections are in your case.

KNIME has a generic connection node to databases and a specific ones like MySQL, H2, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL…

There are new Database Integration nodes which are improved and offer more possibilities and are to be production ready (is a plan) in a summer release. Currently they are in Labs Extension.

If you are still around and have questions feel free to ask.