What should I consider before deciding to take LS-DS vs LS-DW?

I thought Data Wrangling was part of Data Science and I see both terms are included in the agenda but with a different priority so I’m not sure which one to take. Any thoughts advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi rinaldiinjapan,

difficult to answer your question, without knowing what you are aimimg for. But generally my advice would be to choose LS-DS first and if you think, you need more wrangling skills after this course, you can still take LS-DW.

Good luck

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For those that want to learn modeling (machine learning) take the DS series.

The DW series place more emphasis on making data into a neat format rather than learning how to model it with various algorithms.

If you want to be a Data Scientist, take the DS series. If you want to be a Data Analyst/Business Analyst/Data Engineer then I recommend the DW series.


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