What type of workflow can be done using KNIME

I am new to KNIME. When I hear the term ‘workflow’, I tend to think it can be used for event management like

  1. automate the process to monitor request for new project to use some application, create the folder / project in the application, grant the access, update the project catalog (sharepoint list), and send the reply back to the customers
  2. automate the process to collect service log, do text mining to look for error or warning, do the self-healing where appropriate and send the notification

Basically trying to figure out whether KNIME can do the following:

  1. in memory / large data processing
  2. event based process management
  3. video and speech recognition
  4. performance management (predictive analytics to improve process and results)

Any information / link to help me understand KNIME capability is very much appreciated.

Hi Nimala, 

Have you had a look yet at the KNIME Learning hub?


It has many examples for how to implement many different types of workflows and other educational materials.  I also reccomend our YouTube channel, KNIMETV which has many instructional videos. 


Regarding Sharepoint integration, I would point you at the Generic Web Service Client node, which you can use along with the Sharepoint web service interface. I haven't done this myself, but I have heard that it is possible.  Maybe there is somebody lurking in the dark with more details...

Yes, you can do this using the Generic Web Service Client node.  You may need to use authentication if the Sharepoint site is security protected but the node can handle NTLM Auth.  If you know the site URL you can append the following and place this in the WSDL location field:


There are other access end points (google somethign like 'sharepoint webservice wsdl'

Sites /_vti_bin/sites.asmx Provides methods for returning information about the site templates for a site collection.
Lists /_vti_bin/Lists.asmx Provides methods for working with lists and list data.
Views /_vti_bin/Views.asmx Provides methods for working with views of lists.
Search /_vti_bin/search.asmx Allows access to Enterprise Search results from client applications and Web applications outside of the context of a SharePoint site.

You must set the node to return XML or it will fail. Do this by ticking the box at the bottom of the dialogue 'Retrieve SOAP Body as XML String'.  Parsing the output is another issue and will require use of the XPath nodes and can get complex with some return data.  Not ideal but it works.

Thanks for the details James, much appreciated!

Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the examples and KNIMETV. Instead of trying to go through all that to figure out by myself (there is also the risk of misunderstanding being new to KNIME), I thought it is better to hear from the experts. Though I didn't get direct answers to my questions, information about SharePoint integration is useful.

Thanks a lot