what uses more knime RAM O processor?

I want to build a computer to continue learning and working in knime. I want to know what is more important in knime: the processor or the ram memory.

I think it depends on what you’re doing…
My perspectives from using KNIME in a work environment:

  • Large datasets (e.g. production-style datasets with millions of rows) will benefit more from additional RAM
  • Complex computations will benefit from a higher end CPU. Using parallel loops is benefited by having a high end CPU, but ultimately need need an adequate amount of memory bandwidth to support the facilitation of the data processing concurrently

So, it depends. But if I were building a new computer, I would aim for a CPU around 8 cores, then max out the amount of memory my budget can afford (so long as it is at least 32 GB)

Others may have a different perspective. And I believe the topic has come up before on these forums.


@Jalvear like @Snowy said: it depends :slight_smile:. I think most users will benefit most from more RAM (and assigning 2/3 of that to KNIME) but in the end KNIME is a very powerful (graphical) tool that will use all the resources it can get. So more is always better.

I you are dealing with KNIME and performance you might want to take a look at this collection to get and idea what does influence KNIME‘s performance.

And today we take SSD performance mostly for granted but that also can be and issue (if you do not have it).

Also it would be very interesting to hear more about KNIME and the Apple silicon (M1) architecture since that should in itself make a huge difference; but I have not seen that many accounts about that and have not tested it myself.

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Hi @Jalvear , I’d say they’re both important :slight_smile:

But in reality, as both @Snowy and @mlauber71 said, it depends on what you are going to do.

One thing I can say though, you can run out of memory if you don’t have enough RAM, and your workflow will stop and complain about not enough memory, and for CPU, your workflow will take longer to run if you don’t have enough CPU, but it would still run, just will take longer.

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