What's the deal with the Knime community?

I’ve not been able to get any advice solution to a problem I’ve been having. In other communities, such as ArcGIS, you get immediate responses to any query you may have, no matter what level analyst you are. Here, I see that similar problems to what I have are unanswered for months. Where is Knime? How do you expect us to stay without a functioning community, or at least a friendly customer service?

Hi Ariman88,

Sorry to hear that. We do our best to answer the questions as soon as possible (as you can see by all the threads which actually have been answered). Sometimes this may take a bit longer, but we at least try to be quick :wink: Can you point me on the question you’d like to have answered from us?

Have a great day,


Thank you for your response.

I’ve been unable to connect to twitter API, though I created a twitter app and have all the relevant customer keys and access token. I receive an error code 89, with the message “invalid or expired access token”, even though I have regenerated an access token a dozen times.

I’d appreciate any help…

I pinged our experts for those nodes and pointed them on the relevant topics. Just to warn you up-front, this week is very busy (https://twitter.com/hashtag/KNIMESummit2018?src=hash), so maybe you’ve to wait until next week for an answer. However, you can track the topic in question, so you don’t have to check yourself for update. Have a nice weekend,


Thank you! you too.

I would guess that also with the old forum being out of action for a while and the new one only just up and running that the community on here might have not realised it was back live? Maybe worth an email to the registered mailing list announcing it?


Without knowing the nodes or the API, have you been able to connect to the api using something other than KNIME?

No… not sure how to to that actually

I guess you could try something like this - https://github.com/geduldig/TwitterAPI - in python?

Please take a look at the answer in this post.

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