When do R-snippet nodes use Rserve rather than local R?

... and is there a method to enforce one or the other?

<In Knime 2.11.2>



The R-snippets always use the interface of the RServe to communicate to R. This package can be installed at a local R installation and started from there. Then the snippets run with the local R setup. Or it is installed on a remote R-installation.

To change between remote and local just set the host where Rserve runs in your R-scripting preferences (either localhost or the hostname of the remote host)

I hope this answers your question.

I just saw, that your question is placed in "R Statistics Nodes and Integration"

These nodes do not use Rserve at all, as fas as I know. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the R-nodes from the community scripting integrations

OK, so I'd use the community R-nodes for Rserve, and the Knime R-nodes for local R.



You can even use your local R with the community nodes but the communication will be via Rserve, which you can install and start on your local R installation.