when I try to do any preprocessing operation there is a java heap error ...

I need some help ...

I do some documents analysis .. and after I use the node (Bow creator) I get 3 million terms but when I try to do any pre processing filtering operation like removing the special characters or terms less than 3 characters, after working two hours there is a java heap error .... and when I close and open the knime again there is a workflow error and I couldnot open the workflow again .... what is the problem ?

because this I delete the work flow from knime window (to be able to open the other work flows) .... and when I try to import it again I find that the knime completely removed the workflow ?

doesn't the knime like other programs (remove the workflow from the window only and the workflow remains on the memory) ... and how I can get the deleted workflow

Hi Shaaban,

it seems like you have too many documents and too low memory allocated for knime to handle these documents. To allocate more memory for knime you have to edit the knime.ini file, which is located in the knime root directory. Add the following line to the knime.ini file:


The Xmx parameter specifies the maximal memory java is allowed to allocate for this process. In this example java can allocate 2000 MB for the knime process. Replace the 2000 with a number the suits your machine.

Cheers, Kilian

Thank you ... there is no problem now

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