Where are the nodes

How do you install the nodes. They are not being found in the community nodes update link:




Currently they are only available via the nightly build: http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/nightly


I have checked the nightly link, and they are not there either


Then something is wrong on your end. They are present, I just double-checked. Watch for "Indigo KNIME integration".

I have it installed now. However using the "Check Updates" option in the menu reports back there are no updates. I had to go into "Add New Software" and manually selected the Nightly Community Nodes link and then the Indigo link. I would have thought "Check Updates" should have automatically found this.



"Check for Updates" is only for updating already installed extensions to newer version.


I have checked the URL above, file are missing.

Even though the directory at http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/nightly is not empty, the 5 links one can find here seems to be broken. I have a 'not found' page.

(I did not found a simple way to upload my screen shot...sad





The link above needs to be entered into KNIME, not into an Internet Explorer browser.

Try going to "Help/Install New Hardware" in KNIME, then click Add, and paste the link into the Location box, and click Okay.

Now click on the "Work With" dropdown and choose Community Nightly, Then tick the Community Contributions box and click Next,Ok,Finish etc until done.

I hope that helps.


Simon, thank you for the tip.yes

I did not capture that this was to be considered as a remote update site. I was looking for a zip file that i'd treat as local archive...go figure!

thank you anyway.

nodes are here, ready to play.