where can i find Amazon Athena Connector in KNIME 4.0?

Hi, i recently upgrade my KNIME from 3.7 to 4.0.
I have installed the extension of Amazon Athena Connector and Amazon Cloud Connector. However, i cannot find the Amazon Athena Connector in DB connectors…Is there any wrong in my installation? please advise. Thanks.


I can find it under the legacy connectors:
It’s been moved to legacy, and the reasons for this are documented at the [excellent resource] NodePit:


Thanks. That means Athena connector is not yet migrated into the new database framework of KNIME 4.0?

Yes, there is an open ticket to migrate this connector to the new framework (internal reference: AP-10256).



yes we are still adding the last nodes.

You can however already connect to Athena using the general connector as here

The documentation of the new nodes can be found here:

Best, Iris

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Is there an ETA on when the Athena connector for the new DB framework will be completed?

I was able to connect to Athena using the general connector, however when I use table selector it does not allow me to drop down the schema and see the tables. I can enter a custom query and get a result. But would prefer if I could use the table selector view.

Is there a reason why this would not be working?

the Amazon Athena Connector node for the new database framework is planned for the next feature release which will most likely be in December.
Regarding the metadata browsing, it seems that the Athena driver does not provide the required information in a way that KNIME can use it. We will look into this when we implement the dedicated connector node.

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Hi there,

Amazon Athena Connector node for the new database framework was released with KNIME version 4.1.0.



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