where can I learn all these techniques covered by KNIME

Is there any documentation that explains the kinds of analysis that KNIME can do? Thanks.


If your intent is to learn what functionality is included in Knime the program is free and has nice help files which we can view on each of the nodes. Download it and browse through.

If you’re looking to learning about the specific data mining, statistical, etc… methdologies there are a myriad of books and papers avaialble. Several of the nodes make reference to specific papers as well.

I hope that’s helpful as a start.

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Hi, Jay:
Thanks. I am a SAS/STAT user and want to make the jump to non-statistical methods available in data mining packages like KNIME and WEKA. Can you tell me your experience? I know there are a lot of algorithms out there and I have view some nodes in KNIME but the explanation offered in KNIME didn’t give me the underlining theory behind the algorithms. For example, I am trying to do association rule but KNIME didn’t really help me understand this algorithm. Can you help me on this example? Thanks.


answering such a general question on the KNIME forum is quite impossible, I am afraid. As Jay
already mentioned, there are plenty of good books around: I could recommend our own:

Intelligent Data Analysis, An Introduction
(online at http://books.google.de/books?id=sOgflL-L_HsC&dq=intelligent+data+analysis+an+introduction&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=de&ei=6Ma6Sb_bHI-O_gbhjt38Bw&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result)

but there is, of course, also the famous Weka book by the Weka people:


And many, many others.

We do offer - along with the data mining group at Konstanz University consulting services
around the analysis of large datasets as well, by the way.

Cheers, Michael

Hi, Michael:
How does the consulting services work? How much do you charge for that services? Thanks.

KNIME.com offers professional training courses and data analysis services, more details will be available shortly on our KNIME.com website. I will send you an e-mail with some information on these services.
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Hi, Dr. vK here!
As far as text for introduction to the various data mining algorithms goes I strongly recommend Witten & Frank (see Michael’s comment above, 3/13/09). I have used it to teach “Intro to Data Mining” at both the grad & undergrad levels. It really gives my students the appropriate breth & depth needed at the intro level.
Dr. vK - KnimeGuy