Where on the server is the information about user rights for workflows stored?


I was wondering where the information of the specific user rights for a folder/workflow are stored.
I assume it is the same database which saves the roles and passwords?
If so, can I access that database directly via SQL query or something like that, in order to apply direct changes?


Permissions are stored in the workflow repository. DO NOT modify the permissions on the file system! It will not work as expected and can corrupt the whole repository. Instead you can use the REST API to change permissions.

Hello thor,

just to understand you right.
I do not want to change the user of the files and folders in the LINUX system - this should be always KNIME.
I would like to change the user rights inside of KNIME. As you mentioned there is the option to do that via REST interface. I was wondering if there are more direct options. Where exactly in the workflow folder is that information stored?

Thank you!

There are no other ways of changing permissions than through the REST interface.


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