Whether does knime support multi-instance cooperation?

Hi Gurus,
Whether does knime support multi-instance cooperation to process huge volume data in parallel?

I learned Weka supported remote engines to cooperate and then processed huge volume data in parallel. So, I hope to know whether knime support alike feature.

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Dear @picoman,

The features you mentioned in the post are available with KNIME Server: https://www.knime.com/knime-software/knime-server.
KNIME Server is the enterprise software of the KNIME Software. KNIME Server serves for team based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows, data, and guided analytics.
With the distributed executors available with KNIME Server you can run multiple executors on independent hardware. If the existing executors are all busy executing jobs and cannot accept new jobs you simply add more executors that handle the waiting jobs.
More info related to distributed executors are available in this blog post: https://www.knime.com/blog/distributed-executors-in-the-next-major-version-of-knime-server

If you want to learn more about KNIME Server and its features feel free to contact us at contact@knime.com


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Hi Vincenzo,
Thanks! Excellent software.