Which metrics for multiple target in feedforward DL4j regression?

I attach below my workflow for a regression using feedforward dl4j regression.
With the workflow, I attach the 2 csv files for the features and the 12 outputs.
It is straightforward to do the prediction but I am not sure how to evaluate and to visualise the performance of the regression as the numeric scorer allows me to choose only one output.
Is there a node suitable to evaluate the multitarget problem?
Here is the link for the workflow and the csv files.


Hallo @zizoo,

unfortunately there is not designated node for this. You could either use the scorer node inside a loop if you want to evaluate every target separately or you could use the unpivot node and score all together.

Kind regards,

Hi @janina
I did not get the idea of using unpivot.
Fr the scorer in the loop, can I use the average of all the R2 for each output and its predicted column?