Which node to use for this?


I want to create a new column called "Continent" out of an existing column called "Country"

e.g. when find (Austria) in column "Country" then Column "Continent" should have (Europe)...

Since I have 100+ countries I need to find a way how to write the expression and which node to use to create "Continent" column.


anyone? I thought it was gonna be very straight forward but is not the case!

It is straight forward using the Cell Replacer node :-)

Yes the cell de placer node work like a vlookup

well for cell replacer node two inputs/tables are needed while I am talking about just one data table. How to do it for just one data table input?

And if you connected twice the same table?

Hi Sam,

you have one table which has the Country, but not the continent?

And you want to change this country to the continent?

Than you need an configuration table containing County and Continent and this will be the second import of the cell replacer node.

Those lists are available online, e.g. this one http://www.countries-list.info/Download-List/download


Best, Iris

Or you could use a Joiner, but you still need a lookup table with the country-continent pairs


Excellent Iris... many thanks to you...