Why do I need to restart my loops everyday!

Does anybody know, why do I have to restart my loop everyday, my loop looks “working”, but I need to add something to the workfow that alredy has data downloaded, and it gives me this warning. Anyone?

This happens when you open a workflow that has a partially executed loop in it. Partially executed means it’s not done with all the iterations (i.e. the Loop End is not green).

Usually the loop execution can be paused and, at a later time, resumed. Unfortunately, not all the information for the loop to operate gets saved when you save the workflow. This means that you cannot resume loop execution after you opened a workflow.


Hey Thyme! Thanks for your answer, this is actually something I really wanted to now, on my workflow everything shows as green, is this might be something to do with the fact I am working with currency exchanges and “dates”?

I can see 2 nested Loop Starts, but only 1 Loop End. Is that one green as well?

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Yes it is green! Should I add a second Loop End?

I’m sorry, I haven’t been clear with my question. I meant to ask whether or not the second Loop End is green (=executed) because I was not seeing it.
Do you mean the second Loop End is also executed, or do you not have a second Loop End?

If you don’t have one, then that’s the reason you get this error message.

I just added a second Loop End. I think it will fix it, I’ll let you know tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

BTW, love your profile picture!

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Thank you. That’s frivolous Frieda. My chicken always strike a pose when I take out my phone. Here she’s like: “What’s up, man?”

Baby Yoda is also cute! :smiling_face:

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Good day! Today my loop didn’t need to be “restarted” :smiley:

Love Frieda =0)

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