why Edit Nominal Domain don't work

I try to use the Edit Nominal Domain node to restrict the target attribute to 2 values, but the node don't work on my machine. I try to select the domian values and click in Remove, but nothing hapens.

I tried in several attributes from several data sets and could never put it to work. I not even know what should happen. It should change colour?


You might want to (Row) filter to keep only those two values. When you edit the nominal values, you only modify the domain (the Values in the Spec tab on the table view) of the column. It can be made consistent with the values with the Domain Calculator node.

A use case when you need an edit for nominal value: you want to make sure all nominal values are present for the model in the sampled dataset, but most probably this case it is best to fail when they are not

Yes, row filter + domain calculator made the trick.

But the Edit Nominal Domain still don't work, is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

As of KNIME 3.7.2 the Edit Nominal Domain node appears to still be broken.

Hi there,

what do you mean by broken? Can you explain a bit more or share a workflow example where this can be seen?


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