Why is "off" the default for "generate image"?

Newbie here trying to make sense of Knime.

My question is: why do Bar Chart / Histogram / Pie Chart / … nodes have an “off” default value in the “generate image” dialog?
What’s the point of making a chart if you don’t look at it? I’m probably missing something here?


Welcome to the forum @VincentTep.

The chart is created regardless of this setting and can be viewed once the node is run.

Most of the time when I’m developing a workflow that contains a charting node I don’t generate an image because I have no intention of saving/exporting the image every time I run the node.

Hi @VincentTep and welcome to the forum.

Sometimes all you want to do take a quick look at the interactive view of a particular plot, and you have no need to generate a static image for reporting purposes. In this case you can stop the static image from being generated, especially in cases where there’s lots of data (think a scatter plot with 250,000 points).

It’s just a time/overhead saving option.

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