Widget node interactive issue

Just would like to check with the team here, do you facing any Widget node interactive issue when you create the Single Selection Widget or String Input Widget in version 4.3.4 and earlier?

The widget will have a poor resolution and it became bigger than usual, and normally it will very hard to key in or select the value from the dropdown field (interactive is almost impossible).

However, when you are using in later version, no such issue happened.


Thank you for contacting KNIME regarding this issue.

My understanding of the issue is that yo,u are having unexpected Widget interaction issues when using AP or executor 4.3.4 or earlier, but you mention this does not happen with higher versions.

Please provide the following for additional information/troubleshooting:

  • What operating system is your KNIME software running on?
  • If relevant, what version of KNIME Server (KS)/KNIME Executor (KE) are being used?
  • Would you be able to provide repro steps or a screenshot of the issue? Or – even better – a sample workflow that demonstrates the issue?

I look forward to helping you resolve this issue!


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