Widgets within a loop?

Do widgets work within a loop, i.e. allow user input with each iteration? I am trying to allow users to choose files from a list using the Nominal Row Filter Widget while iterating (iterations are based on a separate list that varies). But when I run the component it only allows me to choose files over one iteration (I believe the last). It feels logical that the loop cannot be “open” for interaction while running, so the answer to my question is “no” (forgive my terminology, basic understanding, as I am still a novice). Any tips, workarounds? I’ve racked my brains and have been unable to find resources on this very excellent forum. Thanks!

Hi @Chumnley,

Yes Widgets do work within a loop. See the example here by Paolo Guided Labeling for Document Classification – KNIME Hub and by Daria Quickforms within Loops - #2 by daria.goldmann this uses quickforms but the Widgets should work the same in this setting.



:man_facepalming: i never thought to put the component with the widget inside the loop (I had the widget inside the loop inside the component). Components seem such closed environments I never thought to even try. My newbie’ness continues. But just in case anyone else runs into this, hopefully this post will help. Thank you!

@Chumnley Glad it helps! Best of luck.

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