Windows 11 KNIME unable to launch

Hi, I am on windows 11, I’ve downloaded KNIME today (the zip version) and whenever I launch it using my cmd it just shows the launching screen and does nothing. What do I do? I’ve tried the other installation methods but they too wont work

@Sapphire97 welcome to the KNIME forum. You can check your memory settings. How much RAM do you have and how much is assigned to knime. you might want to assign maybe half.

More things to consider:

Hi @Sapphire97 ,

Even knime as zip file, you have a executable to run it. As @mlauber71 told you, you can check some resources for it as memory, diskspace… A tip here is to see if the java program is updated for you.

There you can see versions offline (full install pack) that can be good to save or just pick the online version (it`ll make some downloads for the last version too) with a smaller file size.

With version you made download, the last one v.4.7.5?



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