Windows authentication not working in 4.0.0

I just tried to run an existing workflow using the new 4.0.0. Some of my nodes are connecting to a Sharepoint 2010 site using both Excel reader node (http://address) and GET node to fetch Sharepoint lists. This has worked without the need to enter any authentication method for either Excel reader or GET nodes, I guess since it uses the NTLM Windows authentication by default.

But now, opening and running the workflow in KNIME 4.0.0 I get a pop-up dialog asking for credentials. It doesn’t seem to accept my credentials either.

I can see that the GET node has a new NTLM authentication method, but it doesn’t seem to accept my credentials there either, plus that wouldn’t work for the Excel reader node.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

There was a change with regard to all REST Client nodes (GET, POST, etc). It hides in the changelog as AP-9479. This should(…) not have affected existing workflows.

For the REST Client nodes: Does it work if you choose the new NTLM (Labs) option?

I can’t explain why reading from sharepoing directly in the Excel Reader node is broken. The change above is in a completely different code path. Can you verify that both installations have an identical network setup (especially with regard to proxy connections)?

– Bernd

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Hello “@32bfgf3d” – have you had time to look at it and give more context?

Hi @wiswedel,

KNIME 3.7 and 4.0 are extracted to the same common folder on my laptop, so they should be restricted by the same policies. I can open the workflow in 3.7 and execute it with no input from me, but just loading the same workflow in 4.0 instantly requests a username and password for the Sharepoint site. It is the Excel Reader nodes that request these credentials.

I was now able to satisfy the Excel reader node with DOMAIN/username and password. After that, the GET nodes were able to fetch data with “None” authentication.

So it is new behaviour that the Excel Reader triggers a request for username and password for the Sharepoint site and that this somehow authorises KNIME to access the Sharepoint site.

I have deleted the Excel Reader nodes to check behaviour of the GET nodes in solitude, and these cannot fetch data from the Sharepoint site any more (after restarting KNIME). They do not complain about authentication problems, but the body returned is empty. I can mention that even if “None” auth is selected for the GET node, there is a response header WWW-Authenticate = NTLM.

Thanks for the reply. I can’t explain the behavior and why the Excel Reader now starts prompting for a password. It seems the only relevant change between 3.7 and 4.0 was the NTLM support in the REST Client nodes (which could also have that side effect? Dunno.)

Can you uninstall the REST Client nodes and try to reproduce the behavior? If it’s reproducible then it’s not related to that change (as the new code is uninstalled).

Can you also reproduce the behavior (password prompt in the Excel Reader) in a vanilla KNIME installation (+ excel reader as only extension installed)?


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