Windows glitches in views with transparent backgrounds


Here is a short demo video (sorry about the bad quality, hopefully the problem is visible). It just changes the background to transparent and the configuration panel appears under certain conditions (mostly clicks). Sometimes the popup color chooser is also visible in the plot area. The interesting thing that when there are controls in the plot area those are handling mouse-over events, but not clicks. Could this be related to my RM integration problems? (That is also in a view, which contains controls not responding to mouse clicks.)

It seems most of the KNIME views can be used to trigger this error on my Windows machines.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? (The export to image function clears these glitches (and exports well), also moving the window out of the visible area of the screen, but after that they can be triggered again.) Is this Windows only? (Sorry, no more time to investigate.)

My config: Windows 7 64 bit (all updates installed), Radeon GPU (HD 5450, driver version:; but could be reproduced with a similar config too), KNIME 2.7.2 64 bit.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, gabor

Nice.... I also see this behaviour on my Linux. I guess this is a general Swing issue. Usually upon repaint the visible area is first filled with the background color and then the foreground is painted on it. But if the background is transparent the previous contents are not erased.