Windows KNIME not loading correctly

I develop in both Linux and Windows. I made a plug-in that works fine in the Linux version of KNIME / eclipse. However, when I download the plug-in project onto my windows system / KNIME / Eclipse, the project compiles fine, but KNIME launches empty. It appears that KNIME does not fully load, there are no nodes available for selection and the KNIME project icon on the workflow is grey instead of yellow (see screenshot below). I created a new KNIME node plug-in from scratch in windows using the node plug-in generator and I can launch it in KNIME without any problems. I diffed the files between the two projects and I don’t see any major differences. Only notable difference was that the project that does not load properly also includes this in the MANIFEST.MF file:

Export-Package: org.knime.datasetloader;

The plug-in that loads correctly does not have an Export-Package. Any ideas how to debug this? In all cases, I followed the how-to-run instructions at the bottom of this page:

Here’s what KNIME looks like at load:

The reason may be more likely the wrong perspective that is opened under Windows. Try to launch the KNIME_APPLICATION or the KNIME_PRODUCT and not the eclise.sdk or eclipse.ide. This can be changed in the used launch configuration from your development Eclipse.