words taging

For confirmation and clarification,
Inside a tagger node (except the POS tagger and Stanford tagger) if the option “set named entities unmodifiable” is checked, does it prevent the tagger to overwrite a previous tagging? or does it protect its tagging from changing by any next tagger?

Hey @ahmed_gomaa,

the ‘set unmodifiable’ option does not affect other taggers. In case you tag a document with multiple tagger nodes, a term can end up being tagged with multiple tags even if the first tagger used the ‘set unmodifable’ option.

This option is mainly used to prevent preprocessing nodes (e.g. stemmer nodes) from modifying or removing tagged words, so that the original word is available at the end of the analysis.




Could you please support by an example. how can I see/read the multiple tags.

Is that contradict the option of “ignore unmodifiable” in the stemming and lemmatization nodes like as Porter Stemmer.