Words written a little bit different


I am a new user and i have a little question.

I have a list wil all kind of words. Sometimes a word is written a little bit different. Like:
Marlou - marlou - Marlo - Malou - Marlu 

I want to know is there a simple way to make al those words the same? 


Since no one has posted yet, I'll take a stab at awnsering your question. 

First and formost, the structure of the data matters. If it is an in cell value, using the java snipet and regex expressions is probably your best bet. 

some info on Regex and the Java Snipet node:




If it is a column header, and you dont have too much data, you may just be able to brute force it using an 

Insert Column Header Node and Table Creator.

To better assist us in awnsering your question better, give us more information on the structure of the data.