Worflow variables not working on linux

Hi every one, i have a work flow where i have variables for file path. The issue here is when i tested on windows enviroment it works but when change variables for linux and run it
linux enviroment doesn´t work .

Thanks in advanced for your help
Workflow image

batch execution:

/knime/knime_4.1.3/knime -nosplash -reset -failonloaderror -consoleLog -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -preferences="/root/ODS/ETL/ODSdiario/KNIME_project_maestro_diario(2)/CONFIG.epf" -workflowDir="/root/ODS/ETL_pru/KNIME_INV_FCST2" -workflow.variable=ruta1,/root/ODS/ETL/ArchivoFCST/,String -workflow.variable=rutaprocesado1,/root/ODS/ETL/ArchivoFCST/procesado/,String

error when running in linux:

Hi @joracab,
Welcome to the KNIME community!

I looked at other topics on these workflow variables and I see that sometime people add double quotes around the name and/or value of the workflow variable.

Maybe using somthing like this is recognized under Linux.

Your value for the path ends in a slash, maybe that’s the reason the workflow variable is misinterpreted?

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Thanks for the reply, ai tired using double quotes and remiving slash and didn´t worked

Hi @joracab
It was just “my two cents”. Maybe one of the Knime Teammembers has a clue what is going on here?

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