Workaround for single characters and "String to Date&Time" node


I have data with 8 date columns that have been exported from an Oracle database badly. The date format is MM/dd/yyyy which is not a problem for the node, but where the month number or the day is only 1 character the node throws an error like this:

“Failed to parse date in row 'Row0#0: Text ‘4/24/2014’ could not be parsed at index 0”

Is there a way to handle this error?

I could go and split cells, fix numbers, and recreate the string but would prefer something simpler if at all possible.



Hello @TigerCole,

in cases like this use only single character placeholder for month and/or day.

So in your case use following format: M/d/yyyy

However it would be much nicer if you could read date column from Oracle into KNIME directly as data and not string. What is the column type in Oracle?


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