Workflow an WebPortal with error - No such node ID

I search in the forum for my problem and found a topic of “No such node ID:0”. But I didn’t understand the answer and found no solution. So I try to explain my problem.

I created workflows and deployed them to the server. From there I wanted to open them in the WebPortal. But I get at every workflow these error message:

My workflow starts with a List Files

and ended with the Excel Sheet Appender

Has anyone an idea what is wrong with my workflows?

Best regard,

Hi @juergen01,

i think I got this error message before :thinking:
If I remember correctly restarting the knime server fixed the issue :see_no_evil:

Maybe there is a better solution :man_shrugging:

Are you using some community extensions in this workflow that might not be installed on the server’s executor?