Workflow annotations too easy to move - Knime 3.7

Hi, since updating to 3.7 my workflow annotations (that I use to keep groups of nodes tidy) now move way too easily, especially when I want to select a group of nodes within the annotation box! Is there a way to stop it? I think it has been classed as an “enhancement” in the Knime 3.7 “what’s new?” list.



Yup, this is indeed an intended change. It is now a lot easier to move around annotations. Admittedly, this has come at the cost of making it more difficult to select multiple nodes within an annotation via drag&drop, especially for workflows containing many annotations. To do so, you can still (a) start dragging your selection box from outside the annotation or (b) select multiple nodes via shift- or CTRL-clicking.

Based on your feedback, I take it you prefer the old way of moving annotations and would either like an option to revert to it or some other way of locking annotations in place?

In any case, I’ve forwarded your feedback.

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An option to lock them in place, or the option to set them back to the old way would be perfect. Both the methods of node selection you mentioned are fine for a small number but tiresome with many. Thank you for passing it on :slight_smile:


Hi @marc-bux,

Has this activity been fixed? I still find it difficult to select nodes within an annotation if I want to embed an annotation within another annotation, for example.


Hi @Haystack,

Well, the ability to move annotations around via simple drag&drop is here to stay, since it is simply much easier this way than it was before.

As for being able to lock annotations such that they can’t accidentally be moved around: I agree that this would be a nice feature to have and I can say that we have it on the list of features that we’re planning to add further down the road.

If you are interested in such a feature, please continue speaking up in this post :slight_smile:


After seeking solutions for the above mentioned, I can say that I would really love the option to lock Annotations.
It is a drag (pun intended) that when you want to connect two nodes, you accidentally reposition the underlying annotation. I am actually a nice person, but I curse a lot, when I’m using KNIME since the last updates :wink:
(An)Notations IMHO are not things you move around as much as nodes or placing connections.
Also connecting nodes, both regular between nodes and Variable Out/Inports, could use a tiny look-over. It sometimes is difficult to really hit the right spot… And I mean in KNIME Workflows…
Nevertheless, as a Business Intelligence specialist, who has used a lot of software in his days, I am enjoying KNIME a lot.
And to see actual developers or people who work in any department within KNIME responding to questions in here, is a huge relief.
Keep up the good work!


Hi @marco1974 and welcome to the forum!

As Marc mentioned above, we have a ticket for this feature (annotation locking) in our system. I have added your request as a +1 to that ticket. I don’t have an ETA for when this might happen, but it’s definitely something the devs are thinking about.

Thanks for very much the feedback - it helps us prioritize for future releases. And it’s nice to see kudos too. :slight_smile:



I would also like to see the same change Annotation locking or then moving the annotation by click-dragging on it’s border, not anywhere inside it.

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