Workflow appears as group after import

Hello all,

I am trying to import a workflow that a colleague shared with me.
After selecting the group that I want it to belong to, I clicked “Import KNIME Workflow…”, select the file that was created and everything looks good, see below:

The problem is that after the import, the workflow appears as a workflow group, not a workflow I can open and edit:


Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: When clicking on the workflow (presented as a group) the console shows the following error:

ERROR WorkflowMetaView Failed to parse the workflow metadata file.

I have groups after conversion too.


So you received exported workflow from someone and upon importing you have it as workflow group? Hmmm… Is there something specific about these workflows? Are you both on 4.2 version? Can you share workflow example?

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Hello Ivan,

thank you!
As fas as I know there’s nothing specific about these workflows…they do use a quite big dataset, so the workflow is not very small, but that’s about it. We’re both working on the 4.2.0 version.
I don’t think I can share the workflow here, since it’s all confidential data.

I’ve been working with KNIME for quite some time, but this is the first time I’m importing a workflow. In his workspace the workflow works jolly fine.

It started on 4.1. The issue - you cannot delete those groups.

And is there some way I can like make it a workflow again? Right now, there’s nothing I can do with it.


I see. There must be a reason why import wizard recognizes this workflow as a workflow group. Maybe export didn’t go well.

@Ralpho93 Is OS the same in your case? Sure, don’t share workflow if data is confidential. Maybe if you could reproduce it with dummy workflow/data would be great.

@izaychik63 I remember topics regarding not being able to delete a workflow group but don’t remember any issues like this. Do you maybe know/were involved in such a topic?


Looks like the solution is

  1. Delete folder with the old WF name.
  2. Rename new FW to the old name without (migrated).

Delete folder is not enough. It will come back after KNIME restart.


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