Workflow Cleanliness/Ease of Use...

I love the curved connectors, but the curves get too curvy…

I would love to see these curves take 90-degree turns. Also, it would be awesome to have these be more represented like a data pipeline, where it would be a single pipeline with multiple branches.

No, graphic design is not my strong suit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another great addition would the ability to double-click the outport to grab it, rather than having to click-and-drag. Sometimes my connections are really far away, and I have to drag nodes all over the place. I know, don’t say Metanodes. I do Metanodes as one of the final steps in completing a section of analysis.

Last thing would be the ability to connect in-ports to out-ports.

I like this from a cleanliness standpoint, but wouldn’t it get hard to select an individual flow line or drop a node on an individual line if the node placements were tight?

Do you mean to be able to manually connect them by dragging from the input port and joining back to the output of another? That is available in Modern UI :slightly_smiling_face:

I like your idea of being able to select a port with a double click and not having to drag, although I find dragging in combination with the keyboard cursor keys in Modern UI to be a little easier than in Classic UI (where you have to hover at the edge of the work area to make it scroll.)

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I suppose curves take 90-degree turns and like a data pipeline is a bit difficult to implement algorithmically. Have you ever seen a really good way to connect on any visualization tool? I don’t seem to have seen it.

I agree the presentation you are talking about is really much more comfortable in some scenarios.

Nice! I learned something today! :slight_smile:

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