Workflow Code

Thinking of using KNIME to migrate data from one software system to another.  The migration documentation needs to contain all the code/script used for the migration.  Is there a way to extract all the native code from a particular workflow in txt or another flat file format?  

Hope someone can help.

Hi Macca,

Does it have to be one single file? Or can it be a collection of flat files?

Currently you have in each of your workflows an XML file called workflow.knime. This contains the structure of the toplevel workflow. Hence, which nodes are contained on toplevel (also which metanodes) and how they are connected.

For each of the nodes you than have one folder inside your workflow. Each of these folder contain one settings.xml file containing the settings of the node. 

For Metanodes this is different, as they contain again a workflow.knime file with its structure and than the nodes.

Would this help you?

Best , Iris