Workflow Control: DB queries plus concatenate

Hi there,
I am struggling to automate my workflow and I hope you can help me with it.

With my workflow I load and transform some data from different databases (DB) and load it finally to another DB-Table “Target”. As only one DB has changing data (the other DB has some historical unchanged data) I want to distinguish between “Updating Target-Table” and “Rebuild Target Table”.

In the first case the upper branch should be activated only, in Case of “Rebuild Target Table” both branches and the concatenation must be activated. How can I manage this?

Unfortunately I cannot find a if-else node for variables though I am quite confused…

The actual workflow looks like this…

Maybe this example with try and catch can serve as an inspiration

Or you might want to check out the “switch” section of this collection

You might want to create an example maybe with KNIME’s local big data environment to test what you are trying to do and for the forum to help.


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