Workflow could not be loaded. Java heap space.

Hello, I save the workflow and close the Knime. Then, the workflow cannot be loaded when I reopen the Knime. I have set the config file and my PC got 16GB memory. Any other way to load my workflow? Thx.


Could you show how you change the config? (If you do not specify the m suffix for the memory to use it is interpreted as bytes, which could cause this kind of problem.)

Cheers, gabor

Hello Gabor, here is my config. Thx.


I guess you are using the 64 bit version of KNIME on a 64 bit operating system. If you have 16GiB of RAM, I would offer KNIME a bit less for max memory and certainly much less for permgen space. 16000MiB is way too much for the classes. That should be around 384m if you have many extensions installed.

Hope this helps.

Thx. Gabor. Yes, I am using 64 bit version of KNIME on a 64 bit operating system.

 this setting sounds good?


I think so. You can give it a try. (If you do not use other programs, the video memory is not from the main memory you can increase a bit the -Xmx parameter, but it can depend on your use case. In my opinion the values you set are good.)