Workflow credential inputs with Knime Server


I’m trying to figure out how to deal with entering workflow credentials for flows in Webportal. I have a really simple workflow, which automagically shows input fields for workflow credentials configured for the workflow, when you select it in the Webportal. Now I have slightly more complex workflow, and no matter what I do I don’t get those input fields to show up. I even copied the nodes from the working example to my flow, but nothing. What do I need to do to get those workflow credential input fields? What’s the requirement? It’s really mysterious…



Any hints?

I updated the simple flow and suddenly the credentials input was gone here as well!
Seems when I have a wrapped metanode containing my output(!) JS TableViews, the credentials input disappears. When just a normal metanode, it will be shown… However, when I unwrap the metanode, I don’t get any output quickforms anymore.
Why?? What’s the logic behind this? Is this documented somewhere? Couldn’t find anything…

In- and output nodes are only shown when their are inside a wrapped metanode. The latter define a webportal page.

Ah ok, good to know, that was another point that wasn’t really clear to me and felt somewhat magic… :wink:

But it doesn’t really answer the original question. As as soon as I have a wrapped metanode to show output forms (and probably the same is true for input forms) I don’t get the workflow credentials input anymore… or is this intended and I’m supposed to use a credentials input quickform on the server?
But as this returns a separate variable, which I have to set for all my connectors then, this make we question the existence of workflow credentials … what’s the purpose of that feature then?

Seems this deserves some documentation somewhere…


Workflow credentials are going to be retired and will not be prompted for any more as soon as you have a wrapped metanode in your workflow. You have to use Credentials Input nodes instead.

Right, that’s also the conclusion I came to. Maybe this whole topic needs some documentation, what to use when and where (server vs. local) … or I just did not find it. I spent at least two days figuring out basic functioning and interaction of wrapped metanodes - quick forms - credentials - Knime server … see also my other question, how to get credentials into meta nodes at all.


@redm yes your are right, we are also currently working on more documentation and hope to have this published very soon.

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