Workflow Credentials inside meta-nodes

Dear All,

I am using desktop Knime 2.3.1 on 32-bit Windows (XP and 7) - and have recently been implementing Workflow Credentials in new workflows; and updating older workflows away from the Master Password system.

The Workflow Credentials work nicely for handling multiple database connection nodes - however, I have just found that if I put eg a Database Reader node inside a meta-node, the Workflow Credentials do not get listed...  If I move the node back outside, the drop-down menu is once again active...

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me around this issue (of course, not putting database nodes inside meta-nodes is a solution! smiley) - but I am thinking this is probably a bug(?)


Kind regards


Hi James,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I can confirm this is a bug in the credential store. I will add a bug report into our system.

Cheers, Thomas


Dear Knime developers,

Indeed credentials are extremely useful for handling database connections. Unfortunately it is not possible to use them inside metanodes. The only alternative I found so far is to use workflow variables that are accessible inside metanodes. I am looking forward to get this new feature implemented.

On the other hand it would be nice to be able to copy an entire workflow with their variables and credentials to create a new workflow.

Alternatively it would be nice to be able to create variable or credentials in each node or metanode in the same way you do it inside an entire workflow. That would be a cute way to make metanodes easily customizable without entering inside.

Again thanks for your developments.