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Dear all,
I have a large workflow with several DB node related to one MS SQL DB. Instead of having one DB Connector connected with a lot of lines distributed all around the big workflow like spaghetti (it becomes a mess to read the workflow from a User interface perspective), I was thinking about having multiple DB Connectors that use the same credential inserted in the Workflow Credential menu that I find when I right click a workflow.
It works well but every time I enter in the workflow I have to enter again the password in Workflow Credential menu. Is there a way to tell Knime to keep in memory the password in Workflow Credential menu?
If not, the utilization of a Wireless connection could also be a good idea to avoid the “spaghetti” like problem.


Hello iiiaaa,
currently there is no option to keep the password in memory but we have a feature request for it. The wireless connections are an interesting idea but might lead to confusion since it wouldn’t be clear where the connection information come from. We will have a look into this to see if we can come up with another solution. Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. A suggestion could be to allow the user to activate the wireless connection at a node level. In this case we he could activate the wireless only for the DB Connector keeping all the other nodes wired.

Another option could be to keep all the node wired but to send the information of the connection of the DB Connector to all the related node via wireless and in these related node via a drop down menu the user can select the DB Connector.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will think about it.

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