Workflow explorer freezes when dragging workflow and scrolling

  1. I want to drag a workflow within my “KNIME Explorer”.
  2. I start dragging the icon by pushing the trackpad.
  3. I notice that I need to scroll up in the KNIME Explorer view b/c the target folder or my NodePit Space is out of sight.
  4. While holding one finger on the trackpad, I use two more fingers to scroll (this is typically normal and intuitive on the Mac).
  5. KNIME freezes with a beachball and I cannot scroll further.
  6. On mouse up the beachball disappears.
  7. My workflow is still at the original place. I am frustrated.

macOS 10.15.7, KNIME 4.2.3

Known issue? Fixes?

Dear @qqilihq,

I am able to reproduce this issue even with a mouse attached, so it’s nothing specific to the trackpad. Unfortunately, I am also able to reproduce this issue with KNIME AP 3.7.2, which means that it is rather related to macOS than AP. I am on macOS 10.15.x as well.

I’ll pass this on to our developers for some debugging.

Best regards,

Hallo @qqilihq,

we could not reproduce that bug with MacOs BigSur, so it might be related to the older MacOS version.
However, a possible workaround could be that whenever you drag the workflow to the top, you just hold it and wait a second and then the Explorer scrolls automatically up. Then you don’t need to scroll with your fingers and it doesn’t freeze. I hope that helps.


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